SEO: With the Uncertainty Caused by the Pandemic, Businesses want Faster Results

Everybody knows that a good SEO campaign takes time, in order to see results. It also implies that the business continues to enrich its presence online constantly, so that when it reaches a higher ranking inside search engines, it can remain there. However, businesses are looking for SEO campaigns with faster results. The way to go about this might just be to take a hybrid approach.

Companies are More Nervous about Investing in Marketing Campaigns

Eight months into the pandemic, businesses are getting more antsy and nervous when it comes to investing in marketing. In a way, they feel like they need to be more present, yet in another, they are afraid that their investment won’t bring in the results expected. That’s due to the global insecurity being felt around the world. They all want to be positioned in consumers’ computers as one of their most visited websites, but what if people stop buying or reduce drastically their expenses?

Companies all still see digital marketing and SEO strategies as an important part of their development. In fact, the percentage of businesses thinking that this type of investment is “necessary” instead of just “interesting,” has grown widely since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Even in the midst of extreme marketing budget reductions, there is still an increase of more than 8% in digital marketing inside the US market, according to the specialist in the field: the American Marketing Association.

What is the Hybrid Approach that Can Bring in Fast Results?

There are various approaches that can be taken in this very strange and unique environment created by the pandemic. One thing is sure, SEO agencies need to revisit their offer if they want to keep their clients, in such a time of uncertainty. If clients spend money and don’t get anything back, they’ll either go see another agency or they will stop investing to prevent bleeding furthermore, as their revenues grow thinner.

Therefore, a good mixture for an SEO marketing campaign will be to focus on optimization that usually brings quick result, such as Google my Business, local SEO and deeper link building actions. The addition of paid links is currently very popular with companies, as they look for ways to make money rapidly. And even though that raises the price per click, it is still one of the best marketing investments today.

Other strategies that may help to get faster results are investing into social media and influencer marketing. However, businesses should not forget that they still need to think about the future, and that is why good old conservative SEO campaigns should not be thrown out the window, even in these difficult times.