What is the difference beetween iPod Classic and iPod Touch?

Apple is one of the biggest enterprises ever created, their innovation changed the world of technology. In 2007, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple was releasing the 6th iPod Classic generation and the first iPod Touch. These inventions changed the way of listening music everywhere and started a new generation of technological devices. Since that day, the iPod has evolved through the time. In this text, we are going to compare the iPod Classic and the iPod Touch in order to see what is the difference beetween them.

Itouch vs iPod Classic: two different uses

To answer the previous question, we have to explore every single detail of these two devices. Firstly, both of these iPods have different uses: the iPod Classic is a device which you can watch movies and listen to mp3 and the iPod Touch allows you to navigate through IOS like an iPhone could do.

What about storage capacities and Battery life?

As we said earlier, these two iPods have different uses, so they have a very different amount of storage capacities and battery life.

At its release, the iPod Classic capacity was only available with 80 GB. This storage capacity extended at the next september of the following year and a new iPod was released with 120 GB. In 2008, this storage raised to 160 GB. However, the battery life was really good at this time because it will let you watch and listen to music for almost 7 hours which it was a major invention for these types of devices.

The iPod Touch was released the same year but it wasn’t carrying more capacity than the classic. It was released with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB of storage capacity. As opposed to the iPod Classic the iPod touch biggest memory was only up to 128 GB. To make up the lack of space, apple’s creators have worked on the battery life: if you listen only to music, you will be able to listen for 40 hours long. Moreover, the battery life for watching movies increased to 8 hours.

Special features

In order to compare Ipod Classic and Ipod Touch, we are going to explore what special features they brought. The iPod have evolved in years, so we are going to talk about these changes.

The iPod Classic

The iPod Classic was a revolution for all who were using a mp3 device with a lower storage capacity and a very low battery life. At its release, the iPod was giving an opportunity to store an extremely large amount of albums and videos. The first thing that shocked everyone when its was released was the interface’s quality. Thanks to Apple’s creators, you could be able to search the song you wanted to listen to or the movies that you wanted to watch.

Moreover, this iPod Classic 6th generation was bringing a tactile wheel button to navigate through the operating system. The 6th generation was adding a little more battery life than the other generations of iPod: 40 hours of music listening.

The iPod look and size was also a revolution. Nowadays, this device is known for its cool looking metal style. The first generation was a really large and with time, the 6th iPod Classic generation was released with small size and a really light-weight device compared to the first devices.

In order to put music, films or series on your iPod Classic, you must use Itunes on your PC or iMac. Moreover, the 6th generation of iPod Classic allows you to buy directly your films, songs and series on the Itunes store. Indeed, you can also have access to video podcasts, audio books, video games and pictures.

The iPod Touch

This invention has changed the world for all the people because it was the first mp3 device that was completely tactile. Its was released in 6 different colours. The main changes on this iPod is maybe the new camera and its very good processor which allows everyone to play video games and watch movies in a very good quality. Then, its was brought with a 4 inch retina display.

This invention was released for the people who didn’t want to buy an iPhone but wanted to use the IOS operating system. This device allows to store a large numbers of albums, video games, movies and apps.

iTouch vs iPod Classic

In this text, we have shown you all the differences beetween the iPod Touch or iTouch and the iPod Classic. These two devices have differents storage capacities and different battery life experience. Comparing the iPod Touch and the iPod Classic can’t be done because they are not meant for the same uses. The iPod Touch is just like an Apple’s mobile phone and the iPod Classic is only for a musical-movies experience.