Where to watch anime safely?

Japaneses culture has become trendy for the past few years. With the growing of Internet, the Japanese Pop Culture has become more and more appreciated. In this text, we are going to talk about animes websites that are safe. Animes are famous all around the world and there are many fans mostly in America and European Union. These Japanese tv-shows are well appreciated because they have spectacular graphics, amazing storylines and wonderful themes. In order to watch animes on safe sites, we made a list of all the safe sites to watch animes.

Streaming sites: for those who don’t want to download

Not everyone has the time to download animes, so if you have high-speed internet connection, you can safely navigate to this site in order to watch animes safely. one of the best anime streaming sites is nearly the leader of all the animes streaming sites thanks to its safety. First of all, this site is totally free and you will find a great range of anime movies and series. Moreover, you can access to this site from everywhere around the world. To conclude, you can also download your favorite animes to watch them safely on your computer.

9anime: HD content for everyone

This site has become iconic for its purple colour user interface. 9anime’s administrators are only focussing on providing the best content with ultra high-definition. However, in order to provide the best content, many films and series are missing, but on this site you can request 9anime for your desired content. Obviously, all the content is dubbed in English so don’t worry if your level of Japanese is really bad. an anime site with a user-friendly interface is the most safe websites to watch free anime in the whole world. First of all, it provides a spectacular range of Japanese content every day. However, the aspect is known for is its user-friendly interface who allows everybody to search for their animes with ease. Moreover, Kissanime has the biggest forums of all anime sites. In this forum you will be able to read news about animes, reviews and many discussions about animes and Japanese’s culture. for those who believe in legality only

Sadly, most of the sites that we are talking about are not legal in every country in the world. Fortunately, is there for providing legal content only. However, it might be one of the safest places to watch anime in the Internet. But, legality comes with a price. This premium access can guarantee you to never miss an episode of your favorite animes. Obviously, this site is available for everyone and everywhere cause it is 100 % legal. a massive fan base for a great credibility

This anime streaming site has surely the biggest fan base ever. The question is: why? The reason is simple: uploads every single episode of your anime 10 times faster than another streaming site. Indeed, it provides a good high-definition for free. Moreover, it has a great credibility to all the anime lovers because its hasn’t been banned for the past few years which means that you are safe to watch your animes. an online streaming site only

This site is known for their amazing range of anime content. That’s why a lot of people are wondering: is animedao safe? We can answer this question by a yes. All of this site’s content is completely free to use and safe? You will be able to navigate through this site without virus. an anime site with a trending zone

If you are a serious anime follower, you have to go on We can assure that you will find every anime you want. Moreover, this site provides one of the best High-definition. Above all these aspects, the content is easy to search and there is trending zone where you can watch the new animes which are trending.

Anime torrent sites: for all who wants to download the content

First of all, download by torrents is illegal. However, we decided to make a short list of all the best safe anime torrents site.

  • is for die-heart anime fans. It allows access to an extensive range of english dubbed and an HD quality.
  • is known for being one of the greatest torrents site ever created. In this site, you will be able to find an enormous range of content with good quality.
  • Anime Layer is clearly for beginners. Thanks to this site, you can download very easily. Obviously, it is providing a big range content of anime series and movies.
  • is the only legal torrents site on the list. It is providing a massive range of legal content. Moreover, it is really a safe place for all.