Can’t Leave Your Pet Alone: Watch them From Afar with the Petcube Cam

Some pet owners can’t stay away from their loved one. A full day without them is just too long. They get worried and they miss their presence. With the Petcube cam, they feel more at ease as they can watch their cat or dog from wherever they are. But that’s not the only thing it does.

Staying Close to Your Pet

For many persons, their cat or their dog is no different than their kids. In fact, many people travel with their pet wherever they go. But that’s not possible for all of us, as most cannot take their animal on their workplace. The great advantage today is that with the technology available, there are many ways to remain close to our furry friends. This camera is one of them, but there are many other smart accessories for pets.

The Petcube cam really enables you to stay close to your animal at all time. Sometimes, you just need to see them, to know that they are safe and warm in the comfort home, when a storm has just started outside. Most family animals come to the sound of our voice and many also reply; Petcube will let you communicate together whenever you want. But for some owners, it’s also a case of making sure that Fido or Babette is not currently destroying the house. If so, one strong sentence (or however you usually calm or punish your pet) and they will stop tearing the apartment apart.

What is Petcube?

Petcube is a camera that was created for pets. It is rather inexpensive ($40US – €36) and it helps you keep an eye on your animal when you are away from the house. It provides you with a 1080p HD video feed. The camera is installed in such a way that it can provide you a 110 degree wide angle, which will easily cover the view of an apartment. Its other technical features are: 8X digital zoom, night vision for up to 30ft (9m) and a two-way audio so you can both communicate with one another.

The other great feature of Petcube is that it lets you connect with a veterinarian directly from home, so your animal doesn’t have to go out to visit its doctor anymore. The service is provided by an outside supplier. The first visit is free. After that, it is the same as a regular appointment. Except that your animal will not feel the stress of taking the car.