How to Stop Automatic Media Download on Whatsapp on Samsung and Other Devices?

Did you know that WhatsApp currently has more than 1.2 billion global users? These user numbers mean that it is the most popular messaging platform around today. It makes it easier for users to send text, photo images, music, and video files to their friends, family members, and business colleagues. It is available for use with all known operating systems.

File Auto Downloading

The fact that all you need is an internet connection to text and send files has helped contribute to its immense global popularity. However, it does have a downside. The app has a tendency to automatically start downloading files from phonebook contacts and groups without asking for consent.

For many, this is disturbing as it not only exposed their private content, but it also means that their data bundles get exhausted rather quickly. Below is a look at how to disable the download feature in different operating systems to ensure that the application will stop saving unwanted files and images into your WhatsApp folder.

For Devices Running on the Android Operating System

The Android operating system is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It can be found in devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, and LG. Its popularity lies in the fact that devices running this OS have varying price points.

If you want to turn off or disable the instinctive download feature on such a device, this is what to do. Open the application and ensure that you are on the main interface. This is where all your chats get displayed. Look at the top right corner for three dots. Tap on these dots and then click on settings.

From here, open chat settings and scroll down until you find Data and Storage Usage. Here, you will find three choices:

  • When using mobile data
  • When connected to Wi-Fi
  • When roaming

To completely disable the auto-copying feature for videos, pictures and audio clip, make sure that you tap on all three options. On each, ensure that you disable automatic downloading. Uncheck the options of Audio, Video, and Images.

Once you have disabled them, it means that you will now have to manually copy the video, music files, and photo images that you would like to view. During the copying process, this application will save the files you have downloaded to a folder in your device labelled WhatsApp.

Disabling this feature on an Android device is the safest way to make sure that your phone will not become filled with stupid and at times offensive photos and memes. Keep in mind that anyone who has access to your gallery application can easily see all the images in your phone.

For iOS Devices

Android users are not the only ones that have to worry about the auto-copying feature. iPhone users also experience the same set of issues. To turn off the feature on your iPhone, open the application and click on the settings icon.

The icon is in the bottom-right section of your gadget. Click on the Data and Storage Usage section. When it opens, you will see an option labelled Media Auto-Download. It is located at the topmost part. It is for Audio, Video, and Photos. Make sure you check the box labelled “Never”.

Having done this, you can now rest easy knowing that the only files that will be transferred are those that you choose to copy manually. As an iPhone user, you also have an option of ensuring that photos and videos will not appear in your Camera Roll.

For this feature, you will need to access the Chats feature via the main Settings Menu. Once here, scroll down until you find the option named “Save to Camera Roll”. Turn it off and you will not see the videos and pictures sent by others on your camera roll.

It is the surest way to guarantee that your WhatsApp messenger will not start managing the Synched Photo Stream system. Deactivating the option guarantees that they will all remain within your local device.

Windows Phone

The Windows operating system was introduced by Microsoft and was initially used on Nokia handsets. If your phone is still using this operating system, you need to open the application and tap on the three dots appearing at the bottom section of your Chats window.

Open the settings feature and head over to the chats and calls section. Once here, click on media auto transfer. Tap on images and check the “Never” box. Make sure you also do this for all the other files.

For Blackberry Devices

The process followed when disabling the auto-copying feature in Blackberry handsets is very similar to that of Android devices. Confirm that you have disabled all the three listed options. Repeat this process for any new updates released by the messenger.

When you turn off the auto download feature, you get to ensure that the application will not store images that you do not like or want to view. You can use this method to stop the app from taking up too much space on your device.