Where to go now that KissAnime is dead?

Japanese animation became widely popular around the world as more and more fans can easily find their favorite anime shows online. As you may already know, Kissanime has been taken down because of copyright laws issues. But don’t worry, today we will show you our top free websites where you can get your anime fix.

Why is KissAnime closed permanently?

Kissanime once was the largest online streaming site that provided thousands of high-quality videos including anime series, Japanese movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Most of them were also available with English subtitles, thus why there were a lot of fans all over the world.

After years of success, the KissAnime domain was finally shut down forever after Japan’s parliament conference in June 2020. The parliament had revised their piracy laws concerning uploaded and downloaded pirated files. As a result, Kissanime had seen their whole Google Drive database being deleted by Google (who got DMCA’d shortly after the conference). Nowadays, you can find new kissanime domains, but they are all fake, the real kissanime is gone for good.

Kissanime alternative websites for watching anime video online

As we mentioned above, KissAnime is done and not coming back. Thus, you should check out other similar websites as an alternative. Actually, there are so many interesting choices on the internet. Below are the top 8 recommended websites for anime lovers:

1. 9anime:

From the homepage design to their useful features, 9anime is quite similar to KissAnime. The website contains a large collection of anime series and the uploads for new episodes are steady and frequent. Therefore, you can certainly find any show you want. And another good point, you can watch your favorite anime without any registration.

2. Ani watcher:

Ani watcher is an effective website for watching Japanese series and cartoons as well. On the front page, you can find many newly launched episodes uploaded. Most videos always have English subtitles and come with high-quality resolutions.

3. Kiss Asians:

If you are looking for a website similar to KissAnime, you can try the Kiss Asians website. The latter has uploaded a lot of recent anime series and videos in HD format. The users can report any errors they may find, and they can also request any series or movies from admins as well. In addition, there are no annoying pop-up ads that disturb your entertainment.

4. OtakuStream:

This platform is dedicated to big fans of Japanese animation. With OtakuStream you can watch and download the latest anime videos in every genre for free without restriction. Moreover, the design of the website is very clean and easy-to-use.

5. Anilinkz:

Highly-recommended, many users claim that Anilinkz is better than Kissanime. With this online platform, you can find anything you are looking for such as anime movies, series, cartoons, or TV shows. Of courses, both English subtitles and English dubbed are available.

6. GoGoAnime:

GoGoAnime is recommended for people who like discovering new Japanese entertainment since you can easily find plenty of ongoing anime series displayed on the homepage. In addition, they provide a Twitter page and a Facebook page where followers can see new updates in real-time. Since its first launch in 2014, GoGoAnime has never stopped growing and that’s why it is part of our list.

7. Anime Twist

If you hate annoying ads and pop-up windows that ruin your entertainment, Anime Twist is the best solution for you. The website allows users to turn on their AdBlock software while watching anime series online. So, it is truly ad-free!

8. AnimeTV

Last but not least, AnimeTV is another excellent streaming website that you should not miss. It provides high-quality videos for you to watch and download. There are also more than 40 genres available except hentai since AnimeTV tries to be kid-friendly as much as possible. Nevertheless, you should know that many Janepese shows and movies are characterized by dark and mature content so be careful before letting your kids watch.

Top 3 most popular anime that you can watch in 2021

Now that you know where to watch your anime, we decided to talk about 3 of our favorite anime shows this year:

1. Re: Zero− Starting Life in Another World:

Originally launched in 2016, this anime is still ongoing. The story centers on Subaru Natsuki, a hikikomori (people with severe social withdrawal trait) who is unexpectedly transported to a fantasy-like world. In that place, he realizes that he has the power to turn back from death. Thus, he uses this newfound ability to help his new friend, Emilia, to become the next queen.

2. Wonder Egg Priority:

This series came out in January 2021, directed by Shin Wakabayashi. The story is about a junior high school girl, Ai Ohto, who attempts to bring her dead best friend back to life. Incidentally, she is led to a “Wonder Egg” by a mysterious voice. That night, she found that there are people in that magical egg whom she must protect from evil. The more she saves people, the more chance she may bring her friend back. For big fans of adventurous fantasy stories, we highly recommended this anime.

3. Attack on Titan Season 4 (The Last Season):

Attack on Titan is undeniably a legendary anime. Good news for the series’ big fans, new episodes arrived! The final season is composed of 16 episodes. The conflicts in season 4 will be more intense than ever and filled with tension.

Unfortunately, our beloved KissAnime is not working anymore and it is bad news for every anime lover. However, we have presented many alternative choices that are similar to KissAnime. We hope you finally find your new favorite anime very soon!