Relief Maps: the new 3D Outdoor GPS App by Batiste Wonderweidt

Relief Maps is a navigational map designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The app comes with an easy-to-use well designed 3D map and also doubles as a social app for adventure and thrill seekers. It comes with plenty of features designed to make it easier for you to find trail tracks and share your progress and live location with other app users.

Why Relief Maps?

The genius behind the idea, its development, and eventual release of the Relief Maps website is non-other than Batiste Wonderweidt, a freelance web developer from Annecy (France). Batiste is also a self-confessed outdoor sports enthusiast who is into everything from paragliding, trail running, skiing, and hiking in the French Alps.

Given that he spends a large chunk of his time outdoors, he is always in search of GPS enabled gadgets that can help him find his way around the mountainous regions. While he was able to find some decent apps in the past, not all the apps he came across contained any cool features to keep him excited for long.

What are its Features?

This is how the idea for the Relief Maps project was born. The goal of the project was to develop a GPS app that incorporated all the cool features anyone could imagine. The project has so far managed to deliver on its objectives by introducing the following features:

• Maps designed for outdoor use. The maps you will find in this GPS enabled device have all been designed with outdoor navigation in mind.

• Activity Logging. Are you taking part in paragliding, ski touring, or even trail running? Get to keep a log of all the activities that you have taken part in since you ventured outdoors.

• Offline maps. There are regions that do not have adequate network coverage. If venturing to such an area, you can always download the offline maps in advance, just in case you lose your network connection.

• Find the path that you are looking for. Tracing your path in mountainous regions can prove tedious and time consuming for someone new to the region. But with the intuitive 3D visualization, you can easily locate the paths that you need to follow.

• Share. Do you have an active following on social media comprising of outdoor sports enthusiasts? Why not share your journey with them? You can share your passion, conditions, and even photos of all the places that you have visited

While the application is available free-of-charge from the App Store and from Google Play, users need to pay a subscription fee to access the premium content.