Esports Insider London plans to bring esports into casinos

As more and more gamblers turn to online gambling platforms, the population in land-based casinos seems ageing, which is understandably a concern for entertainment business owners. In order to lower this age, Esports Insider has in mind to bring esports into casinos. Conference ESI London (September 18-20th) will be the opportunity to discuss the future outlook of such a strategy.

Esports is a strong opportunity for land-based casinos

Many think that the age of slots is over, and they are probably right. But does that mean that the age of the whole land-based casino industry is over too? Maybe not. As more and more gamblers turn to online gambling platforms, the population frequenting land-based casinos is consequently ageing. However, there might be a solution to lower this age. According to Esports Insider, it is now time to replace outdated machines and refill entertainment establishments by something else, something new, something better: Esports.

As a niche within the wider and much larger video game industry, esports industry is growing ever bigger, hitting almost $1 billion in 2018. It is then only right that casinos should explore this opportunity. Indeed, just as sports teams and leagues are turning to esports, why wouldn’t casinos do the same? It clearly seems a natural step in seeking a younger population in such establishments.

A conference to discuss the potential of Esports in casinos

As a way to discuss the potential of esports into casino, Esports Insider organises the ESI London conference (September 18-20th) to give some valuable insight and opinion on the subject. Some big stakeholders of the casino industry – such as Director of Research for International Gaming Institute UNLV Dr. Brett Abarbanel, Events & Entertainment Project Manager at Rank Group Callum Scott, MD at epic.LAN Jon Winkle or else COO at Code Red Esports Luke Cotton – will share their thoughts on the topic, which can be summed up in two question: « Why and how to incorporate esports into Casinos? »

Esports and Gambling

With the recent strong rise of gambling on esports, it isn’t too difficult to imagine esports making a big outside of the online betting space. Physical casinos do already offer betting options for esports, so why not integrated the whole concept now? There would be a good chance that more gamblers will be attracted to land-based casinos again and, above all, younger ones. This could be a second wind for the whole land-based casino industry.