Top 5 Best Greek Mythology Movies on Netflix

You must have seen Troy, 300, or one of the several versions of Hercules at least once in your lifetime, right? If you didn’t, then perhaps it is time to get some popcorn and chips, a big glass of Pepsi, and fire away a Greek mythology movie! That being said, which one should you watch first? Here are the best epic movies of Greek mythology available on Netflix.

What’s Greek Mythology?

Greek Mythology originated from Greeks’ cult and ritual practices and from Greek literature of the years between c. 900 BC to c. 800 BC onward. What’s particular with Greek mythology is its fundamentals, as it has been proven times and times again that the events and stories from the latter are actually and factually based on true historical roots.

What’s the most famous Greek Mythology tale?

One of the most popular Greek myths is certainly the adventures of Jason and the Argonauts. In this story, the King of Iolcos (Aeson) is overthrown by his brother, Pelias. The son of Aeson, Jason, wants his father to be reinstated as King, but Pelias is not agreeing in the slightest with this request.

However, in his position of power, Pelias gives some impossible missions to Jason, and if he would be to succeed in said missions, his father would then be allowed to be back on the throne once more. Jason assembles a team of comrades and sails away across the Black Sea on the ship called the Argo (and of course, the crew members call themselves the Argonauts). Against all odds, Jason comes back alive, mission accomplished.

Our Top 5 Greek Mythology Movie List on Netflix

So now that you are in the vibe of the great mythologies of ancient times, we are ready to dive into the modern (and not so modern) takes on these fantastic tales! Here’s our top 5 list of Netflix movies we think you’ll enjoy:

Troy (2004)

Let’s start with the most obvious one, the 2004 film simply titled Troy, starring none other than Brad Pitt (without forgetting his co-star Sean Bean). This movie was a huge success at the box office, grossing about $133.4 million in the US and Canada alone, and $364 million worldwide.

The film tells the story of the legendary Achilles, who could fight literally anybody and seemed almost invincible in the eyes of his men. Ironically enough, Achilles’ downfall was simply due to an arrow hitting his foot, and that is where the saying of having an Achilles heel comes from. If you like action and epic battles, this movie will give you a memorable popcorn night for sure.

Hercules (1997)

This animated movie was not a major success at first, despite the enormous marketing behind it. At the time, you could literally get toys of the Disney picture at Mcdonald’s, and there was a PlayStation game in production that would turn out to be a pretty solid 2.5D platformer. If you never tried it, we highly recommend that game.

Back to the movie, for what it’s worth, the story and music score are pretty good, and there are some jokes in there for the whole family. In other words, don’t worry, it’s not just a childish movie even if it does look like it at a first glance. The story is simple, Hercules son of Zeus is raised by a demigod and has a good heart, while the baddy, Hades, is preparing his plan to rule the world. All in all, a fun watch, as long as you don’t mind the kiddy cartoon style.

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

You will be happy to know that the oldie from the 60s, Jason and the Argonauts, is available on Netflix! This is a pure classic, but you will need to put on some nostalgia glasses because this is really old! The film’s grainy and washed-up picture will indicate just that in the first few seconds of the movie.

As we previously mentioned, the plot is set on an adventure through the Black Sea, with Jason and his crew trying to find the golden fleece. They must bring it back to Pelias, the bad uncle who overthrown the King (Jason’s father). If you love adventure and are not too afraid of 60s technology, this adventure will bring plenty of surprises during your movie night.


300 from Zack Snyder doesn’t need any introduction any more, as it is the movie that has made the director oh so famous. However, it is important to note that 300 is not available in all countries on Netflix, but you can always use a free VPN if that’s the case for you.

The plot of this epic film is so simple, yet so satisfying. In the latter, we follow King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and his 300 men called the Spartans, fighting the evil Persian King Xerxes and his army. This malevolent king thinks that he is a god and that he can conquer every country he wishes to control, but Leonidas is having none of it! No matter how many troops Xerxes is sending, it seems that nothing can stop the 300.


As our final entry, we have the movie Immortals, which is not a classic by any means, but still a fun watch if you want to turn your brain off for a while. In this movie, we follow Theseus, who has been secretly chosen by Zeus to save Greece from Hyperion and his blood-thirsty army. Adjacent to this arc, there is also a godly weapon called Epirus, a weapon that was made by the god Ares in Heaven. Anybody who controls the weapon would be pretty much invincible. You can see where this is going, it’s a fun flick!

And there you go, now you have a bit of everything to prepare a movie night to remember! We really tried to find movies with different styles, so you should be able to find something you like in there. So we hope you enjoyed our list and that you will have fun discovering these Greek mythology movies.